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WÜD Apparel supports eco-minded entrepreneurs looking to make a global difference regardless of where they live. Currently, our first featured sustainable wooden products are sourced all the way from the beautiful island of Indonesia. CEO of Matoa Watches, Lucky Aria, started Matoa back in 2011, and happened to be one of the first young entrepreneur's in Bandung to be supported by a local creative industry committee. Now, WÜD is the exclusive American seller and we're happen to spread Matoa's story to the USA.

Taking nature to the next level was a challenging task, and a quest of innovation. The brand name MATOA, was born from the trees that rooted in their Homeland, Indonesia. It’s a tree from Papua that has a bold, tall and strong characteristics. It metaphorically represents our mission for the brand - To grow, sustain and be alive.

"When it comes to originality and freshness in the fashion industry, we believe in the constant challenging of beliefs. It’s about going beyond the status quo and standing out, making people not just look but feel good. We envision a world where we give value as the dwellers, and play a part in creating the culture that we live in - Urbanism, simplicity and in touch with Nature."

The Inspiration for Matoa's Watches

They wanted to create a product that would inspire people, something they could hold close and always be around with, a sign to keep you on track, and to be a statement of one's individuality. So the Matoa team focused on something all of us keep in close contact with time. From there, their classic urban watch was born. 

Every watch is made from recycled exotic wood that otherwise would be thrown away or burned.

Our Wood Watches

Each variation carries a different feel and distinguished touch, so you’ll have distinct experience from one watch to another. We combined our crafting technique between technological machinery and human handworks, because we believe the finest quality material must be treated respectively. To deliver quality until the very end, we've controlled the packaging and finishing phase with care.

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Matoa Team

While wood materials are plenty in our region, the resource of craftsmanship is a dying art. Most local craftsmen still hold onto traditional methods of craft, being unable to translate them into the urban sense and environment required today. For the development of MATOA, we overcome the issue by transforming our selected skilled artisan to develop an urban sensibility in their work.

With that said, one of the most cliche shortcomings is that the little bits, parts, and details are tricky to source and string together. When you support this project, it's a chance for you and us to collaborate and upscale authentic production and craftsmanship in this region of the world.


All Photos Courtesy of Matoa Indonesian 


If you made it this far you deserve a treat! 
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