3 Reasons Why The Wooden Watch Is A Staple Moden Men's Accessories


In the modern times - the growing trend of wearable technology and computerization of accessories - watches are slowly moving over to the back row as a staple accessory for each and every man. Does that mean that the element of a class associated with having a beautiful timepiece to complement the classy man is disappearing? Of course not. Through the ebb and flow of trends, classic watches have retained their touch of sheer class. While the more modern sports watches, wearable tech, and racing watches are all more or less starting to look the same and designers dry up the wells of creativity or go overboard releasing something outlandish that screams “Danger!” Alas, at the same time even classic watches can start to seem too plain and aged-out to the modern man. So what is the solution to this perplexing dilemma?

Think, modern, ecologically friendly timepieces that carry the fashion statement of the latest epoch while giving you an everlasting touch of class, an accessory perfect for any occasion. If you’re thinking along our wavelengths then you’re probably jumping out of your seat screaming out “Wooden watches of course!” And here are 3 reasons that the wooden watch is a staple accessory in the possession of any modern man:

  • It’s unique and original.
  • Now we don’t mean that you’ll be the only guy in town with one of these elegant timepieces. (Depending on the size of your town….)

    What we do mean is that this trend is still in the stages of it’s infancy and is only now starting to gradually catch on. And in comparison to a million and one clones in the same style, where even luxury watchmakers are slowly realizing that their muse sailed long ago -  your watch is guaranteed to stand out above the rest. And the cool benefit? No two watches, even if carved from the wood of the same tree will ever appear identical - this is mostly due to the fact that most watches are handcrafted, meaning that the watch you’re wearing on your wrist isn’t just one of a kind, it was practically made especially for you. Check out some of these amazing watches by WUD Apparel for inspiration.

  • Wooden watches are ecologically friendly.
  • Wood, one of the elementary sustainable, renewable natural resources the world has to offer - and in thanks to the sustainable forestry projects - the world isn’t bound to run out of wood anytime in the near future. “But you’re still cutting trees...” thankfully, a single tree can provide enough materials for several dozen if not several hundred of these marvelous wonders among accessories, and many makers also partake in reforestation projects (meaning that for every tree cut for production, they plant several trees in its place.) So, not only will you own a beautiful watch for any occasion - but you are also helping the environment. Feels good, doesn’t it?

  • 3R’s - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Okay, so you may not be entirely convinced on the entire notion of “environmental friendliness” and “sustainable production.” Well here’s another fun fact - many of these watches are made from reclaimed sources of wood, which is an excellent and cost-effective way to source quality wood. Not only does this prevent the wasteful disposal of wreck, demolition, and industrial wood - but it allows that wood to be repurposed into something timeless. Imagine owning a watch made from the cross-arch of a luxury yacht or historic ship, a beautiful northern cottage, or a historic farmhouse. Your watch suddenly carries significant historic value.

    Besides their uniqueness, sustainability and a high chance of historical value - there are a million and one reasons to own a wooden watch in the modern times. So, be sure to take the time to look around for inspiration from your favorite designers who are catching on to the trend, or browse some of the most unique designs in the world from brands like  WUD Apparel and settle on a time-piece that will not only make a gracious, elegant statement as an accessory but carry a memorable impression for many years to come.
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