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Cool Wood Products to Make Your Life More Renewable

Wooden products are kind of our thing. Here at WUD, we’re all about the renewable resource that looks great, feels great, and is totally sustainable. Wood has a warm, inviting look, instantly classing up everything around it. We’re not the only ones into this idea, as you can see by the number of awesome wooden accessories and home décor products flooding Pinterest and Instagram pages around the world. We’ve rounded up a few of these we’d love to take home.


1. Wooden USB Stick


Designed by oooms, a Dutch firm, these USB drives are anything but ordinary. These natural beauties will stand out from your typical computer hardware and ensure you get respect from your classmate and coworkers alike. Plus, you’ll never forget your drive again with the distinctive, eye-catching look of oooms’ design. Who said USB drives have to be boring?


2. Laser Cut Wood Cuffs


Wood jewelry is nothing new but combined with designer Jenn Liddiard’s eye for pattern and laser cutting technology, these wood cuffs are a sleek new way to do bracelets. She uses only responsibly forested wood from the United States, so you can look fashionable and still be eco-friendly. Plus, Liddiard will custom cut you a city map design to help you remember a special place you’ve been.


3. Wood Phone Cases


If your phone is like another appendage, you’ll want to make sure it looks as good as you do. The folks over at Carved have taken the idea of wood phone cases to an entirely new level. You can choose from a range of gorgeous designs, or even create your own custom case! You will be the envy of all your friends with this unique piece of art. Carved uses the knots and burls most carpenters would throw away letting each case have a one-of-a-kind wood grain pattern. The best part? They have cases to fit lots of different phones, not just the iPhone.


4. Wooden Wall Art

These reclaimed barn wood tiles from Everitt and Schilling can add a statement to any room in your house. This unique installation above the light fixture is a real eye-catcher because of the mixture of colors. The reclaimed wood adds texture to typically flat walls and ceilings. While the wood can be painted, the natural colors bring a warmth to the room and add a little outdoors inside. Plus, you take advantage of the unique aspects of the wood such as knots, nail holes and weathered graining. These wood tiles also come in a variety of shapes and sizes from wood planks to herringbone and square combinations. This reclaimed pine will be a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will be the envy of all your neighbors.


5. Wood Keyboard


Oree knows that plastic and metal aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. They’ve designed a wood keyboard that makes you want to sit down and finally write that novel. These boards are made from a single piece of wood to reflect the native tree it came from. Available in different shades, these boards don’t come cheap, but they do look fantastic. Plus, they are compatible with any computer, tablet or operating system.


6. MacBook & iPad Cases


Blackbox cases are designed to make your Apple products look even better than they already do. With versions available for different sizes of MacBook and iPad, you’ll wish you had one for all your devices. Blackbox cases provide ample protection for all of your Apple devices using bamboo and for a limited time walnut. Blackbox will even laser engrave your case to provide a personal touch to their product.

That’s just scratching the surface, of course. There are so many great wood products out there that we’d love to hear about.

What’s the most interesting wood accessory you’ve ever seen?

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