The Story of Sustainability

Our Story:

It started as a dream. 

A dream that life and style could be designed with the environment in mind.

A dream that sustainability could truly be achieved in all aspects of life. 

A dream the we could make a difference in America and across the globe.

There has always been something about the sights and wonders of the outdoors that kept me coming back. I was born and raised in small town USA, Sedalia, Missouri and that is where I found my love for camping, hiking and exploring the great wilderness that God has granted us. When I go out and explore, nature teaches us so many subtle lessons and it reminds us that there is always something bigger out there. Because of my passion for the outdoors, I decided it was time to be someone and help save it.

In 2011, I moved to San Diego, California to pursue a dream most people thought I couldn't achieve. By chance, I was able to find one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly cities in the world. I now call this wonderful place home and there's not a better place to be than Southern California. Here I can bring a whole new look to urban lifestyle while showing the world that we don't have to be wasteful and we can renew our resources so there is a sustainable future for everyone.

My goal with WÜD Apparel is to source the highest quality wooden products that are made in sustainable and ethical fashion. This is a world where nature and people are meant to live in harmony.

WÜD donates 5% of all profits to forest conversation efforts.

The eco-conscious WÜD Team will never stop searching across the globe to source a collection of the most sustainable and ethically handcrafted wood accessories in the world -- products that embody timeless elegance. So who are we? 

The WÜD Team:

Austin Anderson - CEO WÜD Apparel 
San Diego, California

Austin is focused on bringing customers the highest quality, eco-friendly wooden watches and products from around the world. When he is not working on his love for WÜD Apparel, you can usually find him hiking, biking, camping or practically doing anything in the outdoors. If you would like to contact please find contact him through the email address below. Thanks!

yosemite halfdome hike

Our Products:

Matoa Wooden Watches

matoa usa

Learn more about Matoa story of sustainability here.
Sold exclusively in the USA by WÜD Apparel.



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